As an existing client, if you have a quick question about scheduling, attire, or whatever, just call or text me.  912 547-9080

If you’re not an existing client, but are interested in my services, there are some basic things I need from you in order to give you information regarding pricing.

1.  Most importantly, I need to know what you need and what you want.

2.  I need to know the date or date range you need the shoot or event covered.

3.  I need to know the location(s) involved.

4.  I need to know your budget for photography.

5.  I need to know if you need anything other than photography.

6.  I need your contact information and the best way to reach you.

You can give me this info through my business website here or my personal website here you can email me at  My inquiry process is pretty fast, so if you don’t hear from me within an hour or two, please give me a call at 912.547-9080.  I’ll need a few minutes to check my availability for your needs, then I’ll get back with you for either clarification or to give you info on what I can do for you.

Happy hunting,


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