Wedding Stress | Savannah Wedding Photographer

Savannah Wedding Photographer

Brides have a lot of decisions to make about their wedding day, and it’s hard to define yourself in your wedding, partially because there are two of you.  There’s also the responsibility to make sure your guests have a great time, and enter stress! One of the easier things to choose is photographers.  Look at a few dozen websites, read some blogs to make sure someone isn’t a complete jerk and knows what they are about, check to make sure they’re in your budget, and bam, you’re set for photography.  What kind of budget are you working with?  Will you have a DJ or Band?  Will you serve beer and wine or do an open bar?  How many people will you invite?  What caterer will you use?  What menu choices will you make?  What kind of ceremony?  What kind of reception?  Wedding day Itinerary? How will the reception be decorated?  Uplighting?  Personal DIY projects?  Are you already over budget?  What about bridesmaid groomsmen gifts?  What about wedding favors?  …and a few hundred more decisions.  Each on their own aren’t significant, but tying your identity to your wedding, and making it you, and making these choices can be awfully stressful.  Add a little difference of opinion between you and mom and whoever else might be involved in paying for aspects of your wedding, and you’re suddenly a ball of stress.  It’s understandable.

Savannah Wedding Photographer

I always tell my brides a week or two before their wedding that the most important thing they should do is have fun at their wedding.  If it’s not done by now. it won’t be.  Just let the stress go and rely on the wedding planner to make decisions for you.  Let them stress.  A happy bride is a beautiful bride.  Just let go of the things you can’t control and focus on having as much fun with all the people you love in the world on your wedding day,  That’s your biggest priority, and you know what?  It will all turn out just fine.

Savannah Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for a photographer to help you document and enjoy your day, please contact me.


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