Kissing and pictures

Far be it from me to tell someone how to kiss in their privacy of their own home. Far be it from me to even suggest what feels best when kissing, but I will tell you what I think about your kissing visually in front of the camera and for all time in a wedding album or saved on the interwebs forever and ever…

When you kissed for the very first time, you probably didn’t have any idea what it looked like because you were consumed with one of two things, how would it feel or how would my kissing partner like it.  Both basically came down to a feel thing.  Hopefully your eyes were closed, but even if they weren’t closed, as an active kisser, you’re in no position to actually see what it looks like.  What I hope to do is illustrate to you how to kiss and be kissed visually, and because it’s so personal, I’ll even give you some options so you can make it your own.

Wedding Photographer

A kiss says many things, tenderness, care, affection, closeness, etc. You aren’t just limited to a kiss on the lips either.

Jekyll Wedding Photographer

Visual kisses are great for telling a story about the couple’s relationship. Closeness and sweetness are the goal. Body angles can make them more interesting too.

Jekyll Island Wedding Photographer

The first kiss can be passionate without being explicit. Passion can easily be shown in the hands and arms. This is a very passionate kiss with no shudder factor at all.

Savannah wedding photographer Bride and Groom first wedding kiss

Your first kiss in a ceremony is telling your guests who you are as a couple. It can be fun (like this one) without showing too much.

Savannah Wedding Photographer

Smiling lips, gently touching, hands on the side of the bride’s face, with no pursed lips and no tongue showing is the best kiss.

Things NOT to do for a first kiss:

Don’t purse your lips.  It just doesn’t look flattering.  Think duck lips.  Feels great, looks bad.

Tongue.  Shouldn’t have to be said, but I tell all my couples that there is no way you want to see your tongue in your first kiss pictures for the rest of your life.  Maybe an option if you don’t want guests to eat at your reception…

Being grabby.  Look, your now wife has a great bottom, and I’m thrilled you like it.  Don’t grab it during the first kiss OR first dance.  It looks like you have no class and got married for one reason only.  And it’s not sweet.

Woodchucking.  Trips to the dentist immediately following the ceremony aren’t good.  Just pause a 1/2 inch apart, then go in and close the deal.  Chipped teeth aren’t nice.  Don’t rush it.

Savannah Wedding Photography

The pause just before the first kiss is so romantic. There’s no reason to rush in because this is hopefully the first of tens of thousands of kisses with your life partner.

I always try to talk to my couples about kisses ahead of time, though with destination weddings it isn’t always possible. Practice the first kiss ahead of time.  Go in gently.  Keep your tongue in your own mouth.  Don’t purse your lips, just smile into each other’s lips.  Easy peasey, and welcome to your happily ever after.

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