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I’m a firm believer in quality, and unfortunately, quality generally costs more than lesser services or products. Occasionally, a lack of quality passes for quality temporarily, like a knock off Rolex watch, but eventually it becomes apparent.

Savannah Elopement Photographer

Which brings me to what I do. If you aren’t a student of photography, it’s sometimes hard to see the difference in one photographer’s work vs another’s. When you can’t see that difference, you look to things that are discernibly different. It could be personality, it could be brand recognition (think Olan Mills or Life Touch), it could be contract terms, but usually it’s price. Everyone can compare prices. We have wedding pictures here for $x and we have wedding pictures there for $y. $x is less than $y, so it must be a better deal right?

Savannah Wedding Photographer

Please don’t think I’m calling myself a Rolex. I’m not. They are pictures, not jewelry, and the only people that will value your images are you and the people that love you, unlike your Rolex. But I am a student of photography. This means that every time I pick up my camera, I want to be better than I was yesterday. I read. I study. I network. I have mentors and I mentor others. My focus is on improvement no matter what I’m shooting or editing. But I am also a professional, and photography is how I pay my bills.

Savannah Elopement Photographer

My prices are quite modest for my talent level because I want to provide value, real value to my clients. I haven’t had a price increase in two years. My work isn’t a commodity, and I don’t treat my clients or their images like they are commodities on the other side of the equation. That’s the biggest reason my rates are what they are. I don’t apologize for my rates nor do I apologize for my turnaround time, because those are the two things that allow me to be quality.

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  1. I agree completely Quality should always be the defining decision maker; the trick is learning how to read your prospective client and to educate them on what is quality.

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