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I had a little wedding the other day with maybe 30 guests, all on vacation from Atlanta for the week of the wedding.  It wasn’t an all day thing for me, just 3 hours altogether, but it was the most important part of their day from a picture standpoint, so they got me.  They told me ahead of time that there was going to be another photographer there that was family, which is no surprise because every family has an avid photography hobbyist.  The groom’s aunt is a professional photographer in Atlanta, and though part time, she’s been doing it for about 8 years.  That’s much more than an avid hobbyist with a consumer dSLR and a kit lens, so I was very intrigued about why they got me.


In a transition moment, I asked why they brought me in because the aunt is a real professional, and they could have gotten free photography.  Free generally matters more when people are shouldering the expense of a wedding.  He said, and the bride agreed, that his aunt is a good photographer and they were happy that she was going to be there all day, but they wanted the best they could get for their wedding and portraiture.  I felt wonderful and appreciated.  I felt valued.  I felt important.  Most of all I felt relieved that some people can see the difference in my work and others because I put my heart and soul into it.


And in other news…

I also want to share some of the images we got from Lucas’ Thrift shop shoot.  He loves that song, and wanted to do a cool shoot with the clothes we were able to pick up from a thrift shop.  So we went off to Goodwill where it was slim pickings in his sizes, and for the wonderful price of $27 we got his entire wardrobe for the shoot, plus some we ended up not using.  I didn’t try to emulate the visual style of the video (posted below) because I want to keep these images, so I shot and edited them the way I like them.  We got about 185 images, but I’m just going to share a few he liked, and one of Hudson who was jealous that he wasn’t the subject of the shoot.  Thankfully he and Lucas wear the same shirt size.

For the price of less than a trip to the movies, I had a wonderful afternoon doing something fantastic with Lucas, and we both had a great time.  If this sounds like fun to you, I suggest you try it, for yourself, your children, or those you care about.  Kinda like dress up in other people’s clothes.  🙂

Savannah Fashion Photographer

After spending the summer with me, he goes back to his mother’s on Monday, and I’m incredibly sad about it.

Pet Photographer

Hudson thinks he should be the only model.

Savannah Fashion Photographer

Lucas said this was his favorite outfit because he felt important and like he was going to work, then he wore it out to dinner.



I couldn’t find the video with the clean version of the lyrics, but this still gives you an idea of what we were inspired by…


And as always, if you need a photographer, click one of the images above and contact me through the website.

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  1. OH! I love these pics…and the fun you obviously had. I play the video in my head every time I shop;dirty words and all. (I ain’t no angel harpist) All I ever wear is thrift. I love the hunt, the recycling and wearing different from the crowd.

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