Rain on your wedding day | Savannah Wedding Photography

Kris and Jerry came all the way from Southern California to get married at The Gastonian in Savannah, GA.

In the time leading up to the ceremony, there had been slight sprinkles, and we had great cloud cover. The determination was made to go ahead and do the ceremony in the garden, and just deal with the sprinkles. The ceremony began with no precipitation, and that changed when the vows began, and it came down hard. Through it all, Kris and Jerry were smiling, laughing, and reveling in the commitment they were making.

Reverend Baker remarked on the rain saying, “Rain on your wedding day is good luck, in the sense that it washes away what was before and leaves opportunity for growth and optimism for the future.”

Congratulations, Guys, and thanks for the wonderful pictures.


First Look First Look Wedding in the rain First Kiss Rain Bride in the Rain Bride & Groom Swing Romantic Bridal Portrait Bride Stairs



If you need a photographer, just let me know here.

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