Boiled Crawfish | Savannah Food Photographer

I’ve lived in Savannah for 6 years and not in Louisiana for about 20 years now.  Part of the reason I live in Savannah is that the people and setting here remind me of Louisiana, and I feel at home.  There are some shortcomings here though, with one being the distinct lack of cajun restaurants and access to cajun ingredients to cook myself without planning a few days a head of time and waiting for UPS to show up…


I was probably more excited than I should have been to learn that Savannah was getting a Louisiana Seafood establishment here in town, and they opened yesterday.  So I went out and bought the first sack of crawfish and enjoyed my first boil of the season!

Lone Pine Photography

A sack of crawfish to make sure the final will fit in the cooler.

Lone Pine Photography

Basic set up for a crawfish boil- The Pot over the burner, burping tub (cooler), and cooler to put cooked crawfish in after done (and after I wash it out when I get them in the pot).

Lone Pine Photography

Lone Pine Photography

Little Sous Chef

Lone Pine Photography

Cajun boiled crawfish, mushrooms, small boiled potatoes, and boiled corn. Tastes wonderful!


If you need a food photographer, want to license images, or just want advice on how to boil crawfish, feel free to contact me through my website.  🙂


Savannah Food Photographer

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