Behind the scenes…

Professional photographer.  Very nice photography gear.  But I bet I spend ten hours doing things without a camera in my hand for every hour I spend with one.

Client inquiries.  One of last year’s brides wants to do a spring shoot of her and the hubbs.  Answering telemarketing calls.  Returning email.  Answer another telemarketing call.  Angry Birds, angry birds.  Buckle back down.  Managing website.  Checking keywords.  Call from a print lab about permission to print, granted.  Follow up, send out a contract.  Send out another contract.  Answer more emails.  And there goes another day without even picking up the camera or even looking at photography gear…


To view my work, feel free to check out my website: Savannah Wedding Photographer

Break out the dress.

Amber and I got together to get some more shots in unconventional places in her wedding gown. One of my fav brides without a doubt.

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