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The engagement (and wedding booking) season is upon us.  I’m getting multiple inquiries every day, some through referrals, some through google searches, and some through past marketing.  It’s definitely a part of the business I enjoy.  The brides are all so excited with the wedding process, and enthusiasm is the word of the day.

Typically, the email I get is just a quick note with the date and an inquiry for the rates.  I understand that money matters.  No matter your financial situation and wedding budget, money always matters.  But my typical brides aren’t looking for the price first.  They want to get to know me a little bit.  They want to discuss the photography process.  They want to make sure I will fit in with their guests and not be a holy terror on their wedding day.  They’ve already looked at my images and love my work.  More likely than not, they’ve become a fan on Facebook already, and view my interactions with my clients and fans.  But the biggest difference is that they value photography.  The recognize the difference between what I can do and what their Uncle Bob or best friend’s mom can do with the brand new camera they just got for Christmas.  A Lone Pine Photography bride can see the quality, not only in the exposures during the wedding and portraiture, but they equally value the images of the reception.  They want excellence, and they’re willing to pay for it.

My brides are not millionaires with money to burn to light their fireplaces, but they value photography.  They don’t want trendy or overdone images.  The typically spend more than 10% of their wedding budget on photography, sometimes closer to 20%.  They want images that will not be out of style in 5 years, or even 20 years.  They like clear, sharp images, classically rendered.  They know the wedding is about the vows they speak to each other in front of their guests and God, and is not about pomp, circumstance, or a chance to spoil themselves.  They pay careful attention to what they are spending, and they almost always have a professional planner.  They know that trusting a professional to plan their day and vet their vendors is always less expensive than trusting their instincts or going with their gut.  They have a schedule for planning and an itinerary for their day, and they stick to it, or within 10 minutes.  As a result, they always have very nice weddings.  They are rarely disappointed.  And they are always willing to share their experiences with others afterwards.

You have to love something at least a little bit to accurately capture it.  I’m that way with my brides and grooms and their weddings.  My brides and grooms never begrudge me the time for their engagement shoots.  I always say one to two hours, and always end up spending 2-3 hours, but they have fun, I have fun, and the bonds necessary to capture and celebrate their wedding day is made.  I feel my bride’s tears and my groom’s tenderness, and that connection is there long after their wedding day, and it is welcomed.  While I’m not a baby photographer, I’m the only one my brides would trust to forever capture the image of their bundle of joy so soon from the hospital.

My brides welcome the relationship.  I’m not some guy they had to hire for their wedding day.  I’m a friend they made well before their wedding day, that gave them everything I had during, and after, their wedding day.  So I really don’t mind when someone chooses to book someone else.  I encourage my brides to meet as many photographers as they can.  If they are a Lone Pine Photography bride, they’ll choose me because I’m unlike anyone else in my market.

Image by Kelly McCann. During the wedding day, and especially during the formals, I allow my brides to review the image to make sure they like the way everything looks before moving on to the next setup or group.

Feel free to view more of my work here- Savannah Wedding Photographer.

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