Redirecting and making changes | Savannah Wedding Photographer

For the last two years, I’ve been doing wedding photography and supplementing that with Boudoir photography.  Boudoir photography is much slower paced, and I can pose and set up lights to my heart’s content.  The subjects were always pretty willing allow more time as necessary until I felt like I got the shot, and it was good.

The problem comes in where things seem to be trending.  I just don’t wanna shoot anything that could be considered pornography, and it seems the clients wishes are trending towards that.  When I first got into shooting boudoir, I always said it would be something that my grandmother wouldn’t be mortified by if she were alive.  So I’m walking away from boudoir photography and focusing more on weddings and venturing into family photography.

Family photography was always something that I only did for past wedding clients and friends, and I just referred the people that approached me for family shoots to friends that I have in the photography business that specialize in that genre.  This year as I was doing my Christmas sessions, I noticed that the families didn’t mind getting the lights set up and allowing me more time so that the perfectionist in me was satisfied with the shoot, and that started my transition I guess.

So now I’m doing family work as well.  Here’s to a 2011 filled with weddings and family sessions!  🙂


To see my wedding work, please visit my website: Savannah Wedding Photography

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