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I first got into shooting weddings as a favor to a friend.  She needed a photographer, and waited too long to find someone who’s work she liked.  I was shooting fine art photography at the time and doing the art circuit.  I said yes, and thought I could do it as a wedding gift.

I prepped, bought some new lenses, and the big day arrived.  As I’m moving around doing my best to capture everything, the bride began to cry during her vows.  Then the groom got emotional, then her parents, and his parents.  I fell in love with wedding photography at that moment.


I’d been divorced for 3 years at that point.  To say I was bitter or jaded would have been an understatement.  I was writing a LOT of blogs for men, mostly in humor, preaching the validity of respecting the man card, and it all fell away in an instant as the tears rolled down their cheeks.  True love really does exist, and just because I didn’t have the happily ever after, shouldn’t take anything away from it for other people.  So I’ve been living vicariously through my couples and celebrating their weddings with my photography.


It’s been a long trip from bitter curmudgeon to hopeless romantic with a camera, but I love it.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while was the surprise engagement shoot, and I finally got to do one this week.  My heart smiled as big as my face ever has, and I can tell you that I was pretty relieved when she said Yes!  Congratulations, Sean!  I have a wonderful feeling that you and Jackie will have a very happy life together!


We got together under the premise that we were having a big family shoot with individual breakouts for the nuclear families and couples.

Jackie's brother and long term girlfriend Emily agreed to stand in to get the lights set up...

Sean's brother Scott and Courtney go next...


Now for the real shoot….


After doing some standard stuff with them, Sean declared he wanted to do some more stuff...


Sean was pretty nervous!




And even though Jackie had never met me before this day and was completely unprepared for an engagement shoot, Sean and I were able to talk her into it…

Their younger brothers played baseball at Augusta State together, and that's where they first met.

The whole Strickland Family.

Sean is a coach at a local high school, and Jackie teaches in Orlando, long distance relationship!

Sean was able to ask Jackie’s father for his blessing to marry her before he passed away earlier this year.
Making time to see each other over the last two years has been a challenge, and they’re never far from each other, no matter the setting.
They definitely make the most of their time together!
He’s very close with his family, who all live in Savannah.
They’re all very happy for Sean and Jackie!

Sean, I had a great time being a part of your proposal to Jackie, and it warmed my heart to see you both together.  Thanks for allowing me to document it, and I enjoyed seeing you guys again this morning to share the results of your shoot!



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