Wedding photography or NASCAR?

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it does. To spend hours thinking of a concept for a bridal portrait or wedding day portrait, set up strobes, capture the image, then to spend all that time in photoshop adjusting lights, darks, contrasts, sharpening, and then to placard it up like a Nascar vehicle just seems like a travesty to me.

I do sometimes put my name on images, but they are of food, or products, or on cars, never people images, much less images someone has paid me to be there and capture. A while back I started quite a row on my facebook fanpage when I mentioned this and photographers came out of the woodwork expressing distaste for the loss of marketing exposure and the possibility that those images could be stolen by the client or other photographers for use in portfolios. Personally, I would rather other photographers steal my work to pass off as their own than demean something that has a smear of my soul in it by making it look like a sponsorship…

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Those images may not win the Pulitzer Prize for photography, but I spent time on them.  I determined they were best shot from right where I was standing and from the height and angle I used.  Then I edited them afterwards to make them look they way they do, and I don’t want to take anything away from them.

But then I’m not sponsored by anyone, and refuse to wear clothes with huge logos or name brands across the chest.  When I get a car, the first thing I do is remove the dealer plate across the back.  I’m not being paid to advertise for someone else, and I have to assume other people feel the same way.  Even when I put images on social media, like Facebook, I don’t logo.  Hell, I’m touched when people use my images for their profile pictures, they shouldn’t have to unwillingly advertise for me as well.

See more of my work:  Savannah Wedding Photographers

2 thoughts

  1. I love your photography and your approach to being so soulful and honest in your heart for what you do…it springs to life in your photos and I am taken a back by the few things I have seen…you have done wonderful things and I just wanted to tell you….

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